AppPresser 2: what’s new and when it’s coming

AppPresser was released in January of 2014, and a little over 2 years later we are proud to announce a much improved new version. This is a major overhaul of most of our code, to allow for some great new functionality like offline mode. This release paves the way for doing things that were never…

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2015 Was Awesome, Thank You!

2015 was a great year at AppPresser, and we want to say thank you for being a part of it. It’s important that we reflect on what has happened this year so we can be grateful, and also look to next year to set goals. No matter how your year went, you can always find…

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Changes to Agency Bundle and Support Forums


Today we have two major changes to announce. We’ve already made some big improvements around here, including launching a new website design and revamping our docs. We are making strides to improve everything in your experience with us, from our website to our product itself. The following changes are part of the big improvements we’ve…

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Two Big Things in Google Search + Mobile

Two big announcements happened recently in the mobile world. Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages, or the AMP Project. They also announced indexing for iOS9 apps. This stuff sounds really technical and boring, but it’s huge for publishers. They allow your mobile and app content to be accessed quickly and easily by more people. This is…

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5 Indispensable Tools We Use Everyday

Running a business is a lot of work. There are a lot of tasks that can be really time consuming, using tools is a great way to automate and save time. Some tools take an initial investment of time and energy, but it pays off once you start using it consistently. Nothing is right for…

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Win a free Agency Bundle

This contest is now over, thanks to everyone who entered! The winner has been announced via Twitter. We are giving away an Agency Bundle ($499 value) to one lucky winner this week. The Agency Bundle is our most popular package, it includes all of our extensions, and allows you to build 25 apps. If you…

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Understanding AppPresser as a Total Beginner – Part 2

N00b Chronicles banner

This is part 2 of Understanding AppPresser as a Total Beginner. In Part One I noted that it was important for me to understand the difference between a mobile app and mobile site. I also mentioned how I tried installing the AppTheme as a plugin rather than a theme, but that was probably just me…

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How to Sell Mobile Apps to Your Clients

Selling mobile apps to your clients can provide extra revenue and help you grow your business. If you don’t have much experience in this area, it can be intimidating. Perhaps you want to sell mobile apps, but you just don’t know where to start. Educating yourself about what’s involved, how much to charge, and how…

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10 Great Resources for Mocking Up a Mobile App

Presenting a mockup design for your clients is a great way of showcasing them your mobile applications and responsive designs. There are a lot of great resources and services available that help you do this. In this article, I would like to share with you ten useful resources for creating mockups for mobile designs and…

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