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Meet the Team Behind AppPresser

Today we wanted to give you a quick intro to our team at AppPresser. Most of the team was present, though a few of our members work on very different time zones and weren’t able to join us.

Yes we totally sprung this on the team, only Scott and I knew it was happening.

Members Not Present

The big miss for the meeting was Brian Messenlehner our other co-founder. Brian focuses on running our custom app development team. Brian lives in New Jersey with five kids in tow, he’s teaching them all how to write code and build apps with AppPresser. He also enjoys keeping himself and his kids active by riding bikes and skateboarding.

Mario, our Angular Wrangler missed the call. You’ll also notice that we had a fine looking gentleman with a stunning beard that didn’t speak up. That is Matt and he has moved on to a new job. Matt recently spearheaded the new AppPresser setup wizard, so if you’ve been loving that experience you know who to thank.

In the future we’ll be going a bit deeper with each of our team members to find out what they do and how they do it.

Behind the Scenes with Scott

Scott did a quick behind the scenes tour at his office in California.

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