AppPresser makes it simple to add an eCommerce store right inside your app using WooCommerce.

Your app users can browse your products and purchase in the app, using the same payment systems you have on your site. If you use Stripe or Paypal on your site, the app payments happen the exact same way as they do on your site.

AppPresser integrates with WooCommerce using our AP3 Ion Theme and a plugin called AppWoo. The plugin and theme handle the styling and features, the page layouts and colors are completely customizable.

WooCommerce Extensions in Your App

Unlike other app builders, AppPresser can integrate WooCommerce extensions as well. Our customers are successfully using bookings, membership, marketplace, and other extensions in their apps. Note: we don’t officially support all extensions, they may require some custom development.

See a web browser demo of an AppPresser WooCommerce app in action here.

WooCommerce integration is available through our Agency and Agency Plus Plans.

Want our team to build your WooCommerce app for you? Learn more about our custom app development services.

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