LearnDash Mobile Apps


Build a mobile app for your online LearnDash courses with AppPresser.


AppPresser integrates with LearnDash to help you build an iOS/Android mobile app for your LMS (learning management system).

Add your courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, and all of your LearnDash content. Your students will be able to login, view their lessons, take quizzes, and download course materials. They can do everything in the app the same way it works on your website.

Note: you must purchase the LearnDash plugin separately.

Available Features

  • All standard AppPresser features
  • User login and registration
  • View courses, lessons, topics, take quizzes
  • Syncs 100% with WordPress database
  • Download course materials offline (PDF, .mp4, .mp3, etc)
  • Fully customizable templates and colors
  • Push notifications and more

"AppPresser is truly one of the best WordPress services around. Our customers love having a cost-effective way to create and control their very own impressive online course mobile apps, which immediately adds value to their learning programs."

- Justin Ferriman, Founder of LearnDash

Demo app: Learn AppPresser

To try out a LearnDash app on your device, download the Learn AppPresser app.

It shows off our LearnDash integration and allows you to take courses, register, receive push notifications, and interact with the community (via BuddyPress).

iOS Android

How it Works

  1. Install AppPresser and the AppLMS plugin on your site
  2. Create a course list page in your app easily
  3. Add other WordPress pages as desired, and customize
  4. Deploy to the app stores

View a video showing how it all works on YouTube.

Technical Details

Your courses are displayed in the app through the WP-API. You can fully customize the way they are displayed, and add custom HTML and media. Lessons, topics, and quizzes are shown as WordPress iframe pages for full compatibility.

Mark complete and completion redirects are handled with ajax, users are automatically redirected upon completion of an item. View our documentation for filters if you'd like to customize the redirects.


Can courses be taken 100% offline?

No. Some content can be viewed offline, like downloaded course materials.

If I update course content in WordPress, is it updated in the app?

Yes, any WordPress content that is updated will be reflected in the app immediately.

Can I use my custom theme in the app?

No, our AP3 Ion Theme is used in the app. Please view our documentation for a full explanation.

Purchase Options

Choose a pricing plan to get started.

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Learn how to build an app from scratch with AppPresser.

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