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Create a BuddyBoss app using AppPresser. Integrate your BuddyBoss community, LearnDash courses, blog posts, and more.

  • Customize and build the app yourself
  • More affordable than other solutions
  • Integrate other plugins like LearnDash
  • Publish for iOS and Android
  • Push notifications included
  • Private communities and purchasing

AppCommunity is the BuddyBoss integration plugin for AppPresser. It allows AppPresser customers to create a social mobile app for their WordPress website similar to Instagram or Facebook. With AppCommunity, app users can post activity updates, photos, create friendships, send private messages, join groups, and more.

AppCommunity works with the BuddyBoss plugin on your WordPress website, using the WP-API to sync your website with the app.

You can make some pretty incredible apps with AppCommunity, or just add a single feature like private messaging to your existing apps.

LearnDash App Features

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Try out an example app of our AppCommunity + LearnDash integrations for iOS or Android.

Feature Highlights

AppCommunity has the main components of BuddyBoss, including activity posting, friends, private messaging, members, profiles, groups, and more. Because it is API based, everything is incredibly smooth and fast.

Other great features include member profiles, search for all components, list filtering (all, friends, me, etc), comments, flagging (required for iOS apps), push notifications for messages and mentions, and more.


How it Works

AppCommunity integrates with any WordPress website that uses the BuddyBoss plugin along with the AppPresser plugins. You can add the AppCommunity feature to any AppPresser app using our app customizer.

Your app communicates with your website using a custom REST API built for AppPresser apps. Anything that happens in the app is also reflected on the website, and vice-versa. Any users on your site can automatically log into the app and interact there.

It’s important to note that this does not work with custom plugins or BuddyBoss customizations, it is separate from your website.

Watch a setup video of AppCommunity here.

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