AppPresser offers integrates the popular “Facebook in a box” plugin BuddyPress, and turns your current BuddyPress powered site into a social networking app.

Install and activate the AppBuddy plugin (available in the Agency Plan), and create a sleek, customizable social app like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Allow people to register, friend each other, post images and text updates, private message, create and join groups, and lots more.

To download an example BuddyPress app, try out PressChat, currently available on the iOS and Android app stores.


User registration/login: a customizable registration/login page can be displayed as the first page of the app, or as a modal on any page. Users can register through the BuddyPress registration system, or use our Facebook Login feature.

Activity posting: post text/image updates similar to Twitter or Facebook with a sleek modal window.

Friends: Add friends, private message, and more.

Groups: create groups, allow users to create and join groups, and more.

Profiles: allow users to edit their profile information, upload an avatar using the device camera, and change settings.

Basically anything you can do in BuddyPress on your website can be done in the app.


Will my custom BuddyPress plugin work in AppBuddy?

We do not officially support any BuddyPress plugins. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t work. If you would like to use a plugin you are welcome to, but we will not support it or guarantee that it will work in your mobile app.

Can I use a custom theme?

While you can’t use a custom theme and must use the theme provided by AppPresser, you can customize your app using a child theme.

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