Alternatives to AppPresser

How does AppPresser compare to alternative WordPress app builders and plugins such as AppMySite, Mobiloud, Buddyboss, and AppMaker?



AppMySite is a DIY app builder that integrates WooCommerce.

It is easy to use, and offers a small amount of customization. You cannot add other plugins to your site, like LearnDash, membership plugins, media, podcasting, etc.

The app is branded with AppMySite's logo unless you pay extra for white-labeling.

Price: $29/mo for iOS and Android. App store submission and features like translations and white-labeling costs extra.

Verdict: If all you want is WooCommerce with very little customization, it could be a good option for you.

Mobiloud Canvas

Mobiloud Canvas

According to their website, Mobiloud's Canvas product wraps your existing website into a webview app that can go on the app stores.

It doesn't add any native functionality like API based templates or interactivity. AppPresser used to work this way many years ago, and we found it was slow and clunky. We also found that Apple started rejecting apps that did not provide a native interactive experience.

Price: $160 - $400/mo

Verdict: if you have a simple website you want to wrap into an app with no extra functionality, Mobiloud Canvas may work for you.

BuddyBoss App

Buddyboss App

BuddyBoss offers a mobile app that integrates with LearnDash, BuddyPress, and BuddyBoss.

There is no "app builder" or DIY customization, they build the app for you and you can request changes. They don't offer WooCommerce integration or other plugins like podcasting, events, etc.

Price: $219 - $799/mo

Verdict: get this if you use the Buddyboss plugin, and you have a higher budget.



AppMaker offers a WooCommerce app with a drag and drop builder.

They offer some WooCommerce plugin integrations such as Dokan and Yith, but you can't build a different type of app with other plugins.

AppMaker also takes a percentage of your store revenue, while other app builders do not.

Price: $79 - $249/mo

Verdict: if you want a WooCommerce app with their integrations, and you don't mind sharing store revenue, this may be the solution for you.

Comparison Chart

Price$79 - $149/mo$29/mo (no submission)$219 - $799/mo$79 - $249/mo$160 - $400/mo
Customize Yourselfx?
App Store SubmissionExtra $$Extra $$
Membership Pluginsxx
Podcasting Featuresxxx?
Push Notifications
Custom Pluginsxxx

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