How does AppPresser work?

AppPresser allows you to build a hybrid app based on the Ionic Framework. You can add your WordPress content by using our theme and plugins. Your WordPress content is displayed inside an iframe in the app, and we use theme switching to display our theme.

You can also use API driven list pages that pull in only your site data, and do not use an iframe. This is a much faster way to display your content, but it has some drawbacks.

Add custom HTML pages that have nothing to do with WordPress, and work offline.

Learn everything you need to know in this webinar:

Check out other informative videos on our YouTube channel.

Is it a one-time purchase?

Your subscription renews automatically each year for 35% off the current item price. You can cancel at any time.

What happens if I cancel?

When your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to the app dashboard. That means you can’t edit or change your existing apps, or create new ones. Your apps will still work, you just can’t make changes to them.

Push notifications will stop working, since those are included with your subscription.

Can I use a custom WordPress theme for my app?

No, you must use our ‘app-only’ theme for your app, or a child theme based on it. This is because it is a very special theme that integrates with all of our extensions. You can use your own theme for your website, but our theme needs to be used for the app.

If you have functionality in your desktop theme that you need in the app, such as shortcodes or custom post types, you must move that code to a plugin for it to work with AppPresser.

Will my custom plugins work in the app?

Many plugins, such as Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Restrict Content Pro, and others work fine in apps out of the box. Others have conflicts, so we do not officially support any plugins except those named above.

Many of our customers have successfully used all kinds of custom plugins, but it’s impossible for us to test them all. If you have a question about a specific plugin, shoot us an email.

For more FAQ, please view this document.

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