Example Apps



A BuddyPress app showing off AppCommunity. It features an Instagram style activity feed, members, groups, private messages, and more.
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Learn AppPresser

A membership based LearnDash app for learning AppPresser that uses the LearnDash API to manage courses, track course progress, and other features.
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Guide to Thailand

The Kupernic Thailand guide contains everything you need to know to travel to destinations in Thailand. This app features offline custom HTML/CSS layouts built by the app creator.
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Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness has a very popular blog and is one of the leading podcasts on iTunes. The mobile app has in app purchases, as well as WordPress post and media features.
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This app helps physical educators all over the world learn and collaborate. They can login and access lessons about physical education, chat with other educators, track course progress, and more using our LearnDash integration AppLMS.

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An app for men to learn how to be more confident in dating and life. It uses our LearnDash integration AppLMS for app users to view content like articles and videos, and track course progress. The app also adds an “iMessage” style private message component using AppCommunity and BuddyPress.
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New Jersey Craft Beer

This app helps beer fanatics locate the best bars and liquor stores to imbibe their favorite beverages.

It utilizes embedded Google Maps to list the hottest craft beer spots, and also notifies them of local news and events. They also offer a WooCommerce store to sell t-shirts and memberships.

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GB Gifts App

GB Gifts

GB Gifts Limited Online Superstore is a WooCommerce store for all things sweet, savory and a little extra in between.

Stockist of British, Australian, American Chocolates and Sweets.

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