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Just wanted to say.. AppPresser 3 is fantastic!

We now have 1000+ people using our 50 Days to a Blessed Life app (for a campaign our church here in Phoenix is doing) and the response has been great.

The performance increases are massive, as a web designer/developer I felt comfortable customizing the look/feel of the app using CSS, the integration with WP is exactly what the doctor ordered (both API lists and the iframe approach), caching for offline support, and the integrated push notifications are so powerful. I feel like AppPresser (who I’ve been a paying subscriber to for the last 2 years) has finally hit its stride. – Kenny Petrowski

“Best plugin I’ve ever purchased for return on investment. They have saved me time, earned me clients and made developing hybrid apps a pleasure. Thank you!” – Jamie Keefer, Keefer Media LLC
“I am absolutely loving @apppresser. Created a basic app for a friend’s #WordPress site in less than 30 minutes. This is incredible.” – Jeff Matson
“If you work with #WordPress and don’t know about @apppresser, you’re In for a ride. Great product and team. Exciting stuff.” – Alex Vasquez