If you want to build apps for clients, or create multiple apps for your own company, the AppPresser Reseller plan may be for you.

  • Create up to 20 apps
  • All Core, Advanced, and Plus features
  • Add clients or team members to access your app builder
  • Restrict team member access per app
  • In App Purchases not included. Can be purchased for $20/mo additional per app.

At only less than $10 per app, it's a great value.

Support and Technical Requirements

The reseller plan is only for developers with experience building mobile apps.

Here are things you must be able to do on your own:

  • Create your own Apple .p12 file from a .cer file
  • Generate .mobileprovision files
  • Create an Android signing key using the command line (bash, terminal, etc)
  • Setup workflows to build your apps
  • Submit your apps to the app store
  • USB debug your own apps to diagnose issues

As a result, we do not provide the same level of support for reseller plans as we do the other plans. If there is a problem with AppPresser code, we are happy to help, but you are expected to diagnose your own issues for the most part.

We do not generate your certificates, help with app store setup, or debug issues like in app purchases or push notifications.

If you'd like us to handle app store submissions, we charge an additional $199/yr per app.


By purchasing the reseller plan you agree to the terms listed above, as well as our refund and cancellation policy. You will be charged $199/mo after a 14 day free trial.

$199/mo | Purchase