Visual App Customizer

AppPresser 3 includes a brand new visual app builder that makes putting your apps together easier than ever before. It’s easier to customize and add features to your apps, and get instant visual feedback on how it looks.




Live app preview

See a live app preview the whole time you are designing your app, so you always know how it looks.

Full color customization

Change all of your app colors, even add custom CSS and see how the app looks in real time.

Side or tab menus

Choose between a side menu or tabs. Add icons, change the design, and even get custom with external links and hidden menu items.


Change all of your settings quickly and easily, including adding custom splash screens and icons, offline images, and more.



How it Works

Integrate content from your website, such as WordPress posts, pages, and some plugins.

All the data comes from your site, so if you publish a new post, it will show up in the app. If a user registers in your app, they are registered on your site. If they post a photo in the app, it goes to your WordPress media library.

AppPresser is not a 1-click site-to-app converter, it’s an app builder. Build your app, customize, test, and then submit it to the app stores for iOS and Android.




Heroic Apps With No Code

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The Best WordPress Integration

Other products don’t let you use custom plugins and all the features of WordPress in your app.

AppPresser allows you to integrate everything in from WordPress into your app, including posts, pages, login, custom plugins (membership, WooCommerce), payments, media, and more.

This is all done through our plugins and WordPress theme. They work together with your app to integrate your WordPress content better than any other product.






Extensions offer more Features

We offer custom extensions for WordPress in the form of plugins. For example, our BuddyPress and WooCommerce extensions make it easy to create a social networking or eCommerce app.

We also offer extensions that enable the following features in WordPress: camera, geolocation, Facebook login, social sharing, custom push notifications, and more. You just install and configure each extension as a plugin on your WordPress site.



Custom Pages are Powerful

Custom pages are a powerful new feature introduced in version 3. Create totally custom pages that work offline, or pull in posts from WordPress.


What can they do?

Add a homepage that loads super fast, a list of events from the WordPress WP-API, a media player, a Google Map, and lots more. It’s never been easier to create fast, custom pages and add them to your app.

How do they work?

In the app customizer, add a new custom page and choose the page type. Add your custom HTML, Ionic 2 components, or WP-API route. The page is built into your app so it works offline.





Push Notifications

Push notifications are easier to setup and more flexible, and now they are included at no extra cost. No more visiting a third party provider and paying them a monthly fee.

You can send notifications from WordPress using the AppPush plugin, our dashboard, or anywhere using our custom API. Our BuddyPress integration allows your app users to receive notifications when they receive a private message or public mention, just like Facebook.

Build custom events that send out notifications, such as when a post is published or on a weekly schedule.



My AppPresser: Your Online App Dashboard

Purchasing AppPresser includes access to, which is an online dashboard to create and customize your apps. The My AppPresser dashboard makes it easy to create, customize, and maintain each of your app projects.




You still get our plugins and theme to go on your WordPress site, which help you display your site in the app. The My AppPresser dashboard just makes it easier to create and customize your apps.

Test on Your Device Faster

Your app customizer is integrated directly with PhoneGap Build, to make building your app for a device faster.

Compile your app for testing or for the app stores in a few clicks, and scan a QR code to download to your device. This makes testing much faster and easier.

Live App Updates

Many of the changes you make in the app customizer, such as colors and menus, can be pushed to your live app in the app stores without resubmitting it.

Of course any new WordPress content still updates instantly, such as adding a new post or changing page content.

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What type of apps can I build?

AppPresser allows you to build an app from any WordPress website. Some examples include: church apps, school apps, event and conference apps, BuddyPress apps, WooCommerce apps, and more.


Custom Mobile App Development

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