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Who is Using AppPresser? Customer Examples.

Over the last number of weeks we’ve answered a bunch of questions that beginning customers have when they look at using AppPresser to build a mobile app with their WordPress site. If you missed those posts, here they are.

Today we’re going to show off what AppPresser can do by telling you about some of the cool apps that have been built on AppPresser.

Art of Manliness

Brett McKay writes about how to be a better man on his extremely popular site, the Art of Manliness. His podcast is #1 in the philosophy genre on iTunes, and boasts guests like Tim Ferris and Malcolm Gladwell.

AppPresser helped them connect their WordPress content to the app, and gave them key features that are not available on the website:

  • Much faster access to content
  • Caching of articles for offline reading
  • Podcast and video streaming
  • Personalized engagement with push notifications
  • Extra revenue with in app purchases

The app allows users to read articles, stream podcasts, view the website store, and more. A banner ad displays throughout unless users purchase a subscription for ad free content, for $1.99/month.

Here’s what Brett had to say:

The team at AppPresser was a dream to work with. They laid out exactly what I needed to do on my end and they took care of the rest. To top it off, it’s amazingly affordable compared to what we would have spent trying to develop this app from the ground up. If you’re an independent publisher looking to provider a better experience and connection with your readers, I highly recommend getting an app made with AppPresser. – Brett McKay, Art of Manliness

Read more about this app and get download links here.

Notable AppPresser features used:

  • WordPress posts through the WP-API
  • Embedded podcast and video player (not AppPresser specific)
  • In app purchase to remove ads

Posts in This Series


ConnectedPE helps physical educators all over the world learn and collaborate. They can login and access lessons about physical education, chat with other educators, track course progress, and more.

The app includes:

  • 150+ hours of on demand professional learning videos
  • Certificates & Learning Transcripts
  • Members only monthly webinars
  • Downloadable Exclusive Resources
  • 300+ PE Games & Activities
  • The Rubric Database
  • Fitness Tests Database

Notable AppPresser features used:

  • Membership: login, registration, protected content
  • AppCommunity: BuddyPress groups, activity, members, profiles
  • AppLMS: LearnDash courses, topics, and quizzes
  • In app purchases for recurring monthly memberships


Amorati.me is an app for men to learn how to be more confident in dating and life. It uses our LearnDash integration AppLMS for app users to view content like articles and videos, and track course progress. The app also adds an “iMessage” style private message component using AppCommunity and BuddyPress.

Notable AppPresser features:

  • AppCommunity private messaging
  • AppLMS (LearnDash)
  • Protected content with login and registration
  • Push notifications

New Jersey Craft Beer

New Jersey Craft Beer helps beer fanatics locate the best bars and liquor stores to imbibe their favorite beverages.

It utilizes embedded Google Maps to list the hottest craft beer spots, and also notifies them of local news and events. They also offer a store to sell t-shirts and memberships.

I really, REALLY enjoy AppPresser. It’s really easy to use, consumer friendly, developer friendly…I have built 2 apps and I’m modifying my original app to add more members only content….can’t wait for the future of AppPresser! – Mike Kivowitz, New Jersey Craft Beer

Notable AppPresser features:

  • Google Maps with geolocation (embedded iframes)
  • AppCommerce: WooCommerce products, cart, account, and checkout
  • Members only content

Kupernic Guide to Thailand

This tourism app features what to do, where to go, and detailed information about hot spots like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and more. It was built almost entirely using AppPresser’s offline custom HTML pages, so it does not require an internet connection. It boasts a very nice custom design and images that was painstakingly created by their team.

While those are some of our favorite apps, it’s by no means an exhaustive list. You can see more examples on our website.

Do you think you have an interesting app that should be featured in a future post? Leave a note in the comments and we may get back to you to feature your app.

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