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Introducing AppCommerce: Take Your WooCommerce Store Mobile


When we started AppPresser 5 years ago, we created a WooCommerce integration called AppWoo.

It was exciting to see WooCommerce in a mobile app, and many of our customers used it with great success. A lot has changed since then, including huge updates to our platform, WordPress, and WooCommerce.

In light of these improvements, we started from scratch to build a new WooCommerce mobile app integration, called AppCommerce. It’s faster, cleaner, and more focused on providing your customers a great experience in your store.

With AppPresser and AppCommerce, you can now build an app that displays your products in speed and style, and allows your customers to purchase effortlessly on their mobile devices. There has never been a better time to take your WooCommerce store into the hands of your customers on their mobile devices.

Our mission at AppPresser is to give you the tools to create awesome mobile apps with WordPress.

AppCommerce adds a powerful new tool to your belt by allowing you to add your WooCommerce store to your iOS and Android app.

AppCommerce is currently in beta, but it has been tested extensively and is being used in live apps.

Why a WooCommerce Mobile App?

Almost 40% of all eCommerce purchases during the 2018 holiday season were made on a smartphone. Source

You already know that mobile is huge for your store.

With AppCommerce, we want to help you create a mobile eCommerce experience that will be faster and more intuitive than your website, helping you increase sales. There are several things that a WooCommerce mobile app with AppPresser can do for your business:

  1. A faster, more product-focused experience than your website. Less distractions = more sales.
  2. A seamless checkout experience to improve conversions
  3. Cart items and wishlist are saved on the device, ready to purchase at any time.
  4. Your store on your customer’s device home screen
  5. Send push notifications – 100% open rate!

AppCommerce combines the power of the AppPresser mobile app system with the amazing WooCommerce platform. It’s easy to integrate your store, here’s how it works.

How It Works

WooCommerce website to mobile app

AppCommerce connects to your WooCommerce store through the WC REST API. Your customers can add products to their cart, login and view past orders and account details, create a wish list, and more.

Checkout happens on your website through the in app browser. It’s seamless, and it allows you to use your current payment gateways, shipping, and taxes with no additional configuration. You can fully customize the checkout experience to be different than the website if you wish. After payment, your customers are directed back to the app effortlessly.


It’s all fully customizable using the AppPresser app builder. You choose what pages go in the app, what products are displayed, what colors to use, and lots more!

Since you are using AppPresser, you can also add other WordPress pages to your app, such as blog posts, members only content, community pages with BuddyPress, and lots more.

Here’s a video that goes more in-depth.

Setup Documentation

Current customers now have access to AppCommerce on their account page.

Learn how to use AppCommerce with your AppPresser account here.

Purchase Options

AppCommerce is available through our Agency and Small Business plans.

AppCommerce is currently in beta, but you are able to use it now. It’s been tested extensively and is in use in live apps, and we expect to remove the beta tag very soon.

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