WooCommerce Example App: Ole Florida Fly Shop

A new app by one of our customers just hit the app stores, and it turned out so good we wanted to share it with you. The Ole Florida Fly Shop app helps their customers resupply on fishing materials through a mobile for iOS and Android that ties into their WooCommerce store. The OFFS store…

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5 Must-Have Enhancements for any WooCommerce Site

While there are a number of basic things that most WooCommerce developers do as they set up a client site, so many stop with the basics. You provide a working site, but don’t do a bit of extra work to help make sure that your client’s sites are not only easy to manage, but are…

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Introducing AppCommerce: Take Your WooCommerce Store Mobile

When we started AppPresser 5 years ago, we created a WooCommerce integration called AppWoo. It was exciting to see WooCommerce in a mobile app, and many of our customers used it with great success. A lot has changed since then, including huge updates to our platform, WordPress, and WooCommerce. In light of these improvements, we…

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The Ultimate WooCommerce Checkout Customization Guide

Customize WooCommerce Checkout

Your WooCommerce checkout page is where all the money comes in, so any little tweak has the chance of increasing your revenue. Customizing your checkout can be done with custom code or with WooCommerce extensions, we will cover both of those here. Customizing WooCommerce checkout is something we are intimately familiar with. We recently built…

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Introducing WooCommerce Smart Checkout

WooCommerce Mobile Checkout

This product is now available for purchase! Click here for pricing and more details. WooCommerce Smart Checkout is a mobile focused checkout experience for any WooCommerce store. You may have caught our last blog post about making WooCommerce checkout better, where we talked about how to improve your store conversions on mobile devices. Today we…

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Let’s Make WooCommerce Checkout Better

Most forms suck on mobile, especially checkout forms. No one likes to type on mobile, and filling out a form requires a lot of typing. The average checkout form has 10-15 required fields to fill out. First name, last name, phone number, address 1, city, state, country, zip, plus multiple credit card fields. Many forms…

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Make a mobile app using your WooCommerce website

If you have a WooCommerce website that sells your products, you can easily convert it into a mobile app for iOS and Android. Your app users can browse your products and purchase in the app, using the same payment gateway you have on your site. If you use Stripe or PayPal on your site, the…

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