Make a mobile app using your WooCommerce website

Reactor is no longer available, but you can build WooCommerce apps with AppPresser 3.

If you have a WooCommerce website that sells your products, you can easily convert it into a mobile app.

Reactor allows you to integrate your products in a few clicks, then customize the display and add lots more features.

Build a mobile app for yourself or for a client, you can do it all without coding. Most WooCommerce features are supported, such as variable products, subscriptions, payment gateways, and more.

The checkout process goes through your website, so any sales made in the app will appear in your WooCommerce system. Any new products you add will be automatically updated in the app, as well as in-stock notices and more.

Note: WooThemes made a mobile app for store owners, this is not the same thing. Reactor creates an app for your customers to purchase your products.

Why make a mobile app?

You already have a mobile website, why should you make an app?

A mobile app allows you to put your business on the app stores, and reach a wider audience. Send push notifications when you have a big sale, and engage your customers in new ways.

We’ve discussed a two-pronged mobile strategy before, using both a mobile website and an app together for maximum coverage.

An affordable mobile app can be a huge asset to your business, let’s look at how you can make yours.

Reactor WooCommerce Apps

Reactor is a hosted app building environment that allows you to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app. It has a WooCommerce integration that allows you to easily add your products to your app, let’s look at how that’s done.

As you can see, in a few clicks you can have a fully operational mobile app using your WooCommerce website. You can build your app and submit it to the iOS and Android app stores, and have your own mobile app in very little time.

Reactor allows you to add lots more features, such as displaying store locations, events, blog posts, and lots more.

Get started building your WooCommerce app for free today here:

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One thought on “Make a mobile app using your WooCommerce website

  1. I would like to develop an app based on our woo commerce platform which will operate on Desktops (both Mac and Windows) and on mobiles.

    We want the following expression:

    1. Display our products without graphics
    2. Once a product is selected the number of guests is selected ( odometer style)
    3. Next the date is selected (odometer style)
    4. This brings up the available times our tour is available – select
    5. Total price is displayed
    6. Either a billable is selected or paypal
    7. Transaction is completed

    Can you possible write this for us and if so at what price?

    Dereck Gray

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