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Introducing WooCommerce Smart Checkout

WooCommerce Mobile Checkout
This product is now available for purchase! Click here for pricing and more details.

WooCommerce Smart Checkout is a mobile focused checkout experience for any WooCommerce store.

You may have caught our last blog post about making WooCommerce checkout better, where we talked about how to improve your store conversions on mobile devices.

Today we are excited to announce a new product that will help you do everything mentioned in that article. It’s an extension for any WooCommerce store called WooCommerce Smart Checkout.

This plugin transforms your mobile checkout into a beautiful, full screen experience that is optimized for touch and small screens.

WooCommerce Mobile Checkout

Learn more about this product

Some of the main features of this plugin include:

  • Beautiful full screen mobile experience
  • Multi-step checkout form
  • Save cart feature
  • Optimized for touch
  • Smooth animations and modals
  • Fully customizable

Bonus Features

  • Hooks for full customization
  • Works with custom checkout fields and other extensions

Why this product?

We did extensive research on the ecommerce checkout process, and found a huge amount of things lacking. Mobile conversions are fairly low across the board, and mobile accounts for over 50% of ecommerce traffic. With our knowledge of mobile, we knew we could do better.

Every piece of this checkout process is designed to increase your checkout conversions, and make you more money. It’s a beautiful payment flow, but it’s not just for looks. It’s to get you more checkouts!

Not just for AppPresser

This product is a normal WooCommerce extension for any website, it is not just for AppPresser apps.

It works great in an AppPresser app, but you don’t need AppPresser to use it.

This is a new type of product for us, since everything we’ve done previously has been about apps. We’ve learned so much about mobile, we are excited to branch out and create a product that helps anyone with a WooCommerce website.

This product is now available for purchase! Click here for pricing and more details.


  1. Sena L. Chhakchhuak on April 20, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Looks awsome, can’t wait to use it on my live website.

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  3. Reggie Azevedo Filho on December 14, 2016 at 4:59 am

    If I have my WooCommerce store set to offline payment, via invoice, will it work with the checkout for the app with appresser?

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