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WooCommerce Smart Checkout

Transform your WooCommerce mobile checkout experience with WooCommerce Smart Checkout.

WooCommerce Mobile Checkout

Mobile checkout forms suck, we can do better! WooCommerce Smart Checkout makes mobile checkout a breeze with proven conversion boosting features.

Anyone on a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. will be shown this checkout form instead of the default WooCommerce form. It features full optimization for touch, multi-page checkout, progress bars, address autocomplete, and much more.

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Some of the main features of this plugin include:

  • Beautiful full screen mobile experience
  • Multi-page checkout form
  • Address autocomplete
  • Optimized for touch
  • Smooth animations and modals
  • Fully customizable

Bonus Features

  • A sleek modal for desktop that can optionally be enabled
  • Mobile input type and attribute improvements
  • Hooks for full customization
  • Works with custom checkout fields and other extensions

Why do I need this?

Mobile accounts for 50% of ecommerce traffic, but mobile visitors convert poorly compared to desktop. Increasing your mobile conversion rate could have a huge impact on your revenue.

But I have a responsive design!

The problem is that responsive design is not enough to make mobile checkout easier and improve conversions. Simply making your form responsive is a start, but it doesn’t get to the heart of the issue.

The default WooCommerce checkout form lacks many of the things needed to make real improvements in mobile conversions. People hate filling out forms on mobile, so every little bit helps.




Multi-page Checkout

WooCommerce Multi Page Checkout

Showing mobile users one monstrous single-page form might scare them away.

Using multiple pages allows most fields to be visible even in the small frame of a phone, and lets people focus on one thing at a time. This allows your checkout form to feel much easier to fill out, which improves conversions.

Optimized for Touch


Mobile inputs need to be larger, and designed for an imprecise thumb, instead of a mouse.

Everything should be clickable, with buttons instead of hard to click text links.

Address autocomplete


The Address on a checkout form counts for between 5 and 12 separate input fields. If we can make this easier, we can save our users a ton of time.

Using an address lookup, we can reduce those 12 address input fields down to 4, a massive improvement. We can do this by using a single address field to autofill the rest.

Animations & Modals


Modals and animations give mobile users the app-like experience they are used to.

Moving some of our inputs off screen and calling them only when we need them saves precious screen real estate, and removes distractions.

Mobile Keyboards


Mobile keyboards can show different things based on the type of input. For example, a text input will show the normal keyboard, an email input will show a handy @ symbol, and a ‘tel’ input will show the number pad.

Using the proper input attributes can be a huge timesaver when filling out forms. This product adds better attributes to help your users fill out fields faster.



This product has hooks to add custom content on any checkout step, or add a custom step. You can fully customize the colors, logo, and look of the form.

It uses the same hooks as the WooCommerce checkout form, along with several additional hooks and customization options.

Bonus features: better error handling, option to use for desktop checkout, and lots more!


You don’t want to take any chances with losing customers during checkout. WooCommerce Smart Checkout streamlines the checkout process and makes it perfect for desktop and mobile customers.

– Daniel Espinoza, Shop Plugins

30 day money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase from us and you are not satisfied, we will work with you to make it right or give you your money back within 30 days, guaranteed!



Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with other WooCommerce extensions?

Yes, this has been designed to work with most major extensions, such as custom checkout fields, subscriptions, and most payment gateways.

Can I customize the form?

Yes, you can re-arrange fields, add custom steps, change colors, add your own logo, and more. This product uses the normal WooCommerce checkout form hooks and filters, so it is customized in the normal way documented on their site.

Does this work on a normal website, or in an AppPresser app?

This product works as a WooCommerce extension on a normal website, and also in an AppPresser app. We designed it specifically to be able to be used for both.

It is not an official AppPresser extension, but a totally separate product. It is not included in any existing AppPresser bundles.

I thought AppPresser made apps?

Yes, we make apps here at AppPresser, but we’ve always been a mobile focused company. This is our first departure from an app-only product, but our strength has always been mobile. This product works great in our apps and on normal websites as well.

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