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Meet the Team Behind AppPresser

Today we wanted to give you a quick intro to our team at AppPresser. Most of the team was present, though a few of our members work on very different time zones and weren’t able to join us. Yes we totally sprung this on the team, only Scott and I knew it was happening. Members…

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AppPresser March 2019 Update

Just like we said a few weeks back, we want to keep you updated on what is going on with AppPresser for 2019. This is our first installment of regular updates for what’s going on with AppPresser. Enhancements for AppCommunity We know you’ve been asking for AppCommunity enhancements and this month we’ve been working on…

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What to Expect from AppPresser in 2019

Here at AppPresser, we are really busy behind the scenes furiously writing code and answering the constant stream of support and pre-sales questions. One thing we haven’t been busy doing is updating you by writing on our blog. We have been talking with dozens of our customers on the phone, and a couple times we…

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