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April Product Update – Custom Fonts and BuddyPress Xprofile Editing

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While there are a bunch of updates this month, there are two we’re particularly proud of. First, you can now change the heading and body fonts in your AppPresser app. You can use Roboto, Roboto Slab, Lato, Oswald, Merriweather as well as any custom Google Font (custom fonts don’t work offline).

The second big update is with our AppCommunity integration for BuddyPress. Many customers have been asking for the ability to edit your profile fields in your app. This is now possible, including changing your avatar from the app. You can see a video of this feature below.

App Builder Feature

New Custom Fonts
New Custom Fonts
  • Custom fonts – change heading and body fonts in your app (released 4/3)
  • Also, Custom CSS has been moved to the new Design tab

AppPush 3.5.0 released 3/21

  • Add a post thumbnail to appear in push notification for Android
  • Add hooks to allow developers to push images for Android
  • Add some help to display a warning when missing API key
  • Strip HTML tags from the post content
  • Strip Gutenberg tags from the push content
  • Fix title repeat, show error if missing body
  • Fix sending URLs and page slugs for scheduled push notifications
  • Force scheduled push notifications to send when published

AppCommunity 0.3.0 released 3/25

  • New: editable profile fields, including avatar! Now you can edit any xprofile fields in the app by visiting your profile and click the edit profile button. You can also upload a new avatar in the app.
  • New: send images in private messages
  • various bug fixes

AppBuddy 3.3.0 3/28

  • Add a WordPress filter to edit the subject line of a message to a friend
  • Add push notification logging capability
  • Fix private message notifications if no subject
  • Bug fix to reset to using the bp-legacy when doing ajax calls, to use the proper BuddyPress templates for the app

AppPresser 3.8.0 3/28

  • Add option to use an image for the media player in the app
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor fix for logging; safe mode is deprecated

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