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June Product Update – AppCommerce Variable Products

The headline feature this month is major improvements to AppCommerce variable products, but we did much more than that.


New variation look and function
  • better handling of available attributes and relating those to variations
  • better messaging if variation does not exist
  • change image to match variation, if variation image exists
  • better UI for loading and changing attributes

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug with loggedin menu items after multiple app restarts

AppCommunity 0.4.1 (5/21)

  • Enable push notifications by default if AppCommunity and AppPush are installed and active
  • Crop avatar image when uploaded
  • Error handling if user groups are disabled

AppLMS 0.2.0 Released (5/31)

  • Support for LearnDash 3.0
  • Support for new LD30 theme

Preview App updates for iOS and Android

  • Fix login redirect bug
  • Update dependencies and libraries

App Builder

  • automatically populate API post routes
  • easily update push notification credentials using notification profiles form

App Files

  • Working on moving over to JWT authentication for compatibility and membership features

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Curtis McHale