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May Product Update – Global Tab Menus and a New Site Design

The headline feature this month is the new global tab menu. This feature means your tab menu can show even when the side menu in your app has been clicked.

If you’re interested in adding global tab menus to your AppPresser app, then take a look at our documentation to see how to set them up.

AppCommunity Push notifications enhancements

  • AppBuddy no longer required for push notifications to be active
  • Private messages say “Message from…” in the title so you know that it is a private message
  • Clicking a push opens the notifications page instead of the app homepage

AppCommerce Updates

  • AppCommerce update for WooCommerce 3.6+ compatibility
  • WooCommerce Smart Checkout update released 2.0.11

Revamped AppPresser Site

We’ve teased this for a few months, but it’s finally here thanks to the hard work of Scott. After taking your feedback on what you were looking for while visiting AppPresser.com we have revamped the site with an updated design and reworked how content is accessed so that you can find what you want easily.

As with many site updates, there may be a bug or two lurking. If you find something that doesn’t look quite right, please let us know.

Welcome Dustin

If you watched our team video a few weeks back you got to meet Dustin, but let this be the official AppPresser public declaration that we love Dustin and are happy to have him on our team.

Dustin hales from Michigan and loves the snow because he loves snow sports. He’s been working hard on enhancements to MyAppPresser to help your experience be as flawless as possible.

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