Case Study: Art of Manliness App

Art of Manliness is a blog and community dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man.

Their site covers everything a man needs to know, including career, relationships, style, and lots more. The Art of Manliness podcast is #1 in the Philosophy genre on iTunes, and hosts guests such as Tim Ferris and Malcolm Gladwell.

They needed an app that included their highly trafficked articles and podcasts, and gave their audience a better way to consume their content on the go.

We’re always looking to provide a better user experience for our readers and a dedicated app is one way we can accomplish that. AppPresser has helped us create an app that’s easy to use and looks great. We’re already getting props and thanks from our readers about it.
– Brett McKay, Art of Manliness

AppPresser helped them connect their WordPress content to the app, and gave them key features that are not available on the website:

  • Much faster access to content
  • Caching of articles for offline reading
  • Personalized engagement with push notifications
  • Extra revenue with in app purchases

The app allows users to read articles, stream podcasts, view the website store, and more. A banner ad displays throughout unless users purchase a subscription for ad free content, for $1.99/month.

App Gallery



The team at AppPresser was a dream to work with. They laid out exactly what I needed to do on my end and they took care of the rest. To top it off, it’s amazingly affordable compared to what we would have spent trying to develop this app from the ground up. If you’re an independent publisher looking to provider a better experience and connection with your readers, I highly recommend getting an app made with AppPresser.
– Brett McKay, Art of Manliness

If you’d like us to help create an app for your business, contact us today.

2 thoughts on “Case Study: Art of Manliness App

  1. Nice feature! It would be great to have in-app purchase subscription integrated in Agency Bundle. Or just learning how to implement it with one of your tutorials 🙂

  2. Art of Manliness is a great app, excellent job right out of the gate. It definitely provides a better route to your excellent content…

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