Who is Using AppPresser? Customer Examples.

Over the last number of weeks we’ve answered a bunch of questions that beginning customers have when they look at using AppPresser to build a mobile app with their WordPress site. If you missed those posts, here they are. Mobile is Not the Future (it’s the Present) The 3 Big Problems You Can Solve with…

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What to Expect from AppPresser in 2019

Here at AppPresser, we are really busy behind the scenes furiously writing code and answering the constant stream of support and pre-sales questions. One thing we haven’t been busy doing is updating you by writing on our blog. We have been talking with dozens of our customers on the phone, and a couple times we…

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Analytics for AppPresser 3 and more

We have a lot of exciting new stuff we’ve been working on, but we’ve been heads down in code and support tickets lately instead of writing blog posts. Here’s one big post with all the new features! Contents Google Analytics API login and registration AppCommunity Improvements App Builder UI Improvements New stuff coming soon Google…

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Introducing AppCommunity: A New Way to Get Social With BuddyPress

Phone with messaging shown

AppCommunity by AppPresser is a re-imagined social component for AppPresser apps. AppCommunity allows AppPresser customers to create a social mobile app for their WordPress website similar to Instagram or Facebook. With AppCommunity, app users can post activity updates, photos, create friendships, send private messages, join groups, and more. AppCommunity works with the BuddyPress plugin on…

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The All New Learn AppPresser App

We are excited to announce the all new Learn AppPresser app! With this app you can learn all about how AppPresser works, and how to build and customize your apps. It uses our LearnDash integration, so you are learning how to build apps with AppPresser inside an app built with AppPresser. So meta. Take courses…

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Everything You Need to Know About In App Purchases

In App Purchases

You can’t sell subscriptions or digital content in your app with Paypal or Stripe like you can on your website. One scenario that comes up a lot is when a customer has a website with premium content, and they want an app. They may have member’s only video content, or premium education courses. They need…

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Why Your Event Needs An App, from an Attendee’s Perspective

Conference apps

I recently attended Wooconf, a conference for WooCommerce developers in Seattle. I had a great time with old friends, and enjoyed meeting new ones. The conference itself was packed with great speakers and interesting attendees, all in a great location. The organizers put on a great event. There was just one problem, I had a…

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New Feature: Push Segmenting, Plus New Pricing Announcement

Today we are excited to announce that a much requested feature is live: push notification segmenting. We are also raising our prices, more on that below. Push Notification Segmenting Segmenting allows your app users to choose what subjects they are interested in, so you can send them targeted notifications. This can drastically increase engagement, and…

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Notice: renewal discounts are changing

We have previously offered a 50% renewal discount for any purchase, that is changing to 35% starting March 6th, 2017. Current customers will not be affected, if you already purchased your renewal discount will remain at 50%. Anyone who purchases on March 5th 2017 or before will still receive a 50% renewal discount. Any purchases…

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