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Notice: renewal discounts are changing

We have previously offered a 50% renewal discount for any purchase, that is changing to 35% starting March 6th, 2017.

Current customers will not be affected, if you already purchased your renewal discount will remain at 50%. Anyone who purchases on March 5th 2017 or before will still receive a 50% renewal discount. Any purchases made on March 6th or after will receive a 35% renewal discount.

For example, if you purchase an Agency Bundle on March 6th or after, you will pay $499 + $324.35 for each year thereafter.

If you are a customer who purchased before March 6th, you will still pay $249.50 for your Agency Bundle renewal.

The renewal discount change applies to the Agency Bundle, Starter Bundle, Woo and BuddyPress bundles.

In summary:

  • The renewal discount changes to 35% for purchases made after March 6th

Why are we making this change?

AppPresser 3 is now a hosted service with push notifications included at no extra charge. We have not raised prices at all, we hope you agree that a small renewal increase is pretty insignificant compared to the value we have added to AppPresser.


Scott Bolinger