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Mobile UI Tip: Steppers vs. Dropdowns

By Scott Bolinger | July 9, 2019 | 0 Comments

When designing websites for mobile devices, the devil is in the details. Many websites have a low conversion rate on mobile, and it’s usually because filling out forms is such a pain. It’s easier to fill out forms using a desktop keyboard, so most people don’t even bother on mobile. Making forms easier to fill…

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Downloadable Podcasts in Your AppPresser App

By Scott Bolinger | April 30, 2019

By the end of today’s video you will understand how to get your podcast setup in AppPresser so that your users can listen to your podcasts. They’ll even be able to download it for offline listening.Here are the basic steps: Install and setup Blubrry Have some media setup for your podcasts Go to AppPresser ->…

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Frequently Asked Questions about AppPresser

By Scott Bolinger | April 23, 2019

If you’ve followed along as we’ve talked about all the ways that people are using AppPresser, you’ve still likely got some more questions before you are willing to make a purchase. Today we’re going to try to answer all of those questions for you. If you still have a question when you’re done reading, leave…

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Who is Using AppPresser? Customer Examples.

By Scott Bolinger | April 16, 2019

Over the last number of weeks we’ve answered a bunch of questions that beginning customers have when they look at using AppPresser to build a mobile app with their WordPress site. If you missed those posts, here they are. Mobile is Not the Future (it’s the Present) The 3 Big Problems You Can Solve with…

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April Product Update – Custom Fonts and BuddyPress Xprofile Editing

By Curtis McHale | April 9, 2019

While there are a bunch of updates this month, there are two we’re particularly proud of. First, you can now change the heading and body fonts in your AppPresser app. You can use Roboto, Roboto Slab, Lato, Oswald, Merriweather as well as any custom Google Font (custom fonts don’t work offline). The second big update…

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How Does AppPresser Work With My WordPress Plugins and Theme?

By Scott Bolinger | April 2, 2019

You’re probably wondering how your particular site will work with AppPresser, and what the app can do. Let’s start with how AppPresser works, and how you can integrate your WordPress content. How AppPresser Works If you’re inclined to video, you can get an overview of how AppPresser works here before we dive in to the…

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3 Ways To Build An App Compared

By Scott Bolinger | March 26, 2019

Since you’re here, I’m assuming that you want to build a mobile app for your site. While we could pretend that using AppPresser is the only way to get this done, that’s not the truth. There are other options that have different costs and benefits to those that AppPresser provides. There are three approaches you…

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4 Steps to Making a Great Mobile App

By Scott Bolinger | March 19, 2019

Everybody loves Instagram, but did you know that it wasn’t always as beautiful and simple? Instagram started out as an app called Burbn that allowed people to check in at certain locations, earn points, and post photos. The problem was that it wasn’t getting traction. The app was complex and hard to use, and it…

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AppPresser March 2019 Update

By Curtis McHale | March 12, 2019

Just like we said a few weeks back, we want to keep you updated on what is going on with AppPresser for 2019. This is our first installment of regular updates for what’s going on with AppPresser. Enhancements for AppCommunity We know you’ve been asking for AppCommunity enhancements and this month we’ve been working on…

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The 3 Big Problems You Can Solve with a Mobile App

By Scott Bolinger | March 5, 2019

I’m not going to pretend like an app solves all the world’s problems, but there are some unique solutions an app can provide. Let’s look at the 3 most common problems business owners face that only an app can solve well. Problem 1: Click, wait. Click, wait. Click, wait. You’ve lost me. If your website…

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