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Apple Allows Avoiding In App Purchases

Late last year, Apple cut in app purchase commissions in half (from 30% to 15%). More good news for app developers came out this week: Apple has agreed to allow a way to get around paying commissions on in app purchases.

Apple was sued recently, and in the settlement they agreed to allow app developers to contact their customers outside the app about alternative purchase options. That means you can gather user emails and then contact them via email with a link to purchase on your website.

Unfortunately, you still can’t link directly to your website for payment from the app, but at least you can collect emails and inform users about alternative payment methods. This was not previously allowed, so it’s a nice step forward.

This should make it easier to get apps approved, and provide you with a way to avoid giving Apple 15% of your revenue. This change has not taken effect yet, but it expected to happen later this year.

As always, contact us if you want help developing an app with in app purchases.

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Scott Bolinger