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AppPresser Updates April 2022

By Scott Bolinger | April 15, 2022

The first quarter of 2022 went by fast, here’s what we’ve been working on. tl;dr – we’ve been making lots of updates, but there are no breaking changes, carry on as usual! AndroidX Updates Google is requiring all new apps to be updated for AndroidX later this year, so we have been hard at work…

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App Page Builder

New! App Page Builder

By Scott Bolinger | October 27, 2020

Our new App Page Builder lets you create pages for your app easier than ever. Create custom page layouts Drag and drop components visually See changes right away, less rebuilding! No code required This is a huge improvement for creating custom pages in your apps, it’s faster and more intuitive. Create Custom Page Layouts Using…

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iOS app rejection reasons

9 Reasons Your App Could Be Rejected By Apple Review

By Damien O'Neill | October 19, 2020

We deal with Apple App Review a lot. Too much actually. We’ve submitted thousands of apps on behalf of customers and dealt with lots of rejections. In this article, we are going to cover some of the biggest mistakes we have seen that could get your app rejected by the Apple Review Team. It’s a…

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Function to Enroll a User into a LearnDash Course

By Scott Bolinger | October 14, 2020

To enroll or unenroll a user from a LearnDash course programatically (using code), you use the ld_update_course_access() function. Enroll This function takes 3 arguments, the user id, course id, and whether you’d like to remove them from the course. To get the course id, it’s helpful to use the learndash_get_course_id() function. This allows you to…

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The Difference Between WordPress Actions and Filters (for beginners)

By Scott Bolinger | October 5, 2020

If you want to customize something on your WordPress site using code, you use an action or a filter. With an action or a filter, you can add something to a page, load Javascript or CSS, add information to a post before it is saved, and a thousand other things. So what’s the difference between…

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Updates – Logins, Camera, and Email Notifications

By Scott Bolinger | September 28, 2020

This month we made some significant updates to AppPresser apps, here is a log of the important changes. September stats just for fun: > 75 code commits > 1700 email replies > dozens of bugs squashed Login Updates By default the WordPress login token (JWT) expires after 7 days. An expired token causes problems with…

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New! Podcasting and Media Player Improvements

By Scott Bolinger | September 21, 2020

This month we made some big improvements to our media and podcasting features. Speed and Looping Now you can listen to podcasts (or any audio) faster or slower with our new speed adjustments. With the click of a button, listen at 1.5x, 2x, or .5x. The new loop button allows you to loop a single…

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Version 3 Deprecation

By Scott Bolinger | September 9, 2020

AppPresser version 3 is now deprecated. That means we are no longer adding new features or bug fixes, any customers on v3 who wish to continue building apps should upgrade to AppPresser 4. Anyone who purchased after March 2020 or who already upgraded can ignore this article. Why It was not our intention to deprecate…

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PhoneGap Build is Dead. Here are some alternatives.

By Scott Bolinger | August 20, 2020

PhoneGap Build, the cloud build service for hybrid Cordova and Ionic apps, will be discontinued later this year. The team at PhoneGap has been neglecting this service for a long time, so it’s not much of a surprise. Here at AppPresser we used their service in the past, and in this article we’ll talk about…

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July Product Updates

By Scott Bolinger | July 20, 2020

This month we’ve been working hard fixing bugs and helping customers. Here are some of the recent product updates we’ve released. New HTML Validator One issue that was coming up a lot was broken builds due to invalid custom HTML. For example, if you forgot a closing tag or added an extra double quote, your…

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