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May Product Update – Global Tab Menus and a New Site Design

By Curtis McHale | May 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

The headline feature this month is the new global tab menu. This feature means your tab menu can show even when the side menu in your app has been clicked. If you’re interested in adding global tab menus to your AppPresser app, then take a look at our documentation to see how to set them…

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New: Custom App Layouts Just Got Easier

By Scott Bolinger | June 26, 2018

Today I’m excited to announce a new feature that will make creating custom app layouts easy: custom components! If you are familiar with shortcodes in WordPress, AppPresser custom components are like shortcodes for your app. Drop in your shortcodes and create complex custom app layouts with just a few lines of simple HTML. Custom components…

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LearnDash Coming Soon, New Features & Updates

By Scott Bolinger | June 6, 2018

Hey there, we’ve been working hard as usual to bring you new features and updates. Here’s what’s new this month. LearnDash Integration Coming Soon! We’ve been working on a beta integration for LearnDash that allows you to add courses to your app. It integrates all features of LearnDash, including courses, topics, lessons, quizzes, login, registration,…

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New: Media Playlists With Downloads

By Scott Bolinger | March 26, 2018

We get a lot of requests for downloading media to the device, now it’s available! Create playlists for your music, videos, or podcasts. Your app users can play the media in their app, and download for use offline* (Downloads not available in the starter plan). The new media list page uses the WP-API to pull…

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New This Month: Adding Developer and Client Access to Your Apps & More

By Scott Bolinger | January 18, 2018

This month we released some much anticipated features and updates. Add Users Agency Plus plans now have the ability to add unlimited developers and clients to their accounts. These users can have limited access. For example, add a developer that has full access to all apps, or a client that only has access to one…

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Case Study: Art of Manliness App

By Scott Bolinger | December 18, 2017

Art of Manliness is a blog and community dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man. Their site covers everything a man needs to know, including career, relationships, style, and lots more. The Art of Manliness podcast is #1 in the Philosophy genre on iTunes, and hosts guests such as Tim Ferris and…

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Conference apps

Why Your Event Needs An App, from an Attendee’s Perspective

By Scott Bolinger | November 8, 2017

I recently attended Wooconf, a conference for WooCommerce developers in Seattle. I had a great time with old friends, and enjoyed meeting new ones. The conference itself was packed with great speakers and interesting attendees, all in a great location. The organizers put on a great event. There was just one problem, I had a…

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Introduction to AppPresser From a Semi-Technical WordPress Newbie.

By Cara Ciavarella | September 20, 2017

Here you will find everything you need to know about AppPresser, its features, and building apps that integrate WordPress. Not only is building a custom app from the ground up easy, you can even add different plugins and extensions such as geolocation, camera, notifications and contacts. Once your custom app is complete, submit it to…

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AppPresser Updates 9/17

By Scott Bolinger | September 14, 2017

As usual, we are working hard behind the scenes working to support our customers, enhance our product, and squash bugs. Last month we released a lot of great stuff, and this month we have a couple great new features for you. Sub Menus Our customers have been asking for submenus, they are finally here! Clean…

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AppPresser Updates 8/17

By Scott Bolinger | August 14, 2017

Here at AppPresser, we are always working hard behind the scenes to make our products better. Sometimes that means doing a lot of bug fixes and small enhancements that don’t warrant a public announcement, other times we release big features. Here’s what’s new. Make your app faster with production builds If you want your app…

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