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New! Apple and Google Login

You can now allow your app users to easily login to your app with their Apple and Google accounts. (not available on all plans)

With this feature enabled, your app users will be shown the standard email/password login, as well as buttons for Apple and Google Sign on. When they click one of the buttons, they will be shown an authorization screen, and once authorized they will be automatically logged into your app.

Once they have authorized the app, Face ID can be used on iOS for subsequent logins.

You can also allow new users to register if they do not already have an account. This works alongside our new AppSocial plugin to handle login and registration on your website.

To sum up, here’s what you can do with this feature:

  • Login to the app using Apple or Google login
  • Register a new user (optional)
  • Use Face ID (on iOS)

This feature is not available on all plans, please check our pricing page for details.

To add this feature to your app, please see the setup steps in our documentation.

Scott Bolinger