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Custom App Spotlight: ‘Ōlelo’s Mobile App


'Ōlelo Community Media is a non-profit organization located in Hawaii, dedicated to providing media education and community access to television production resources. The organization's mission is to empower community members to tell their own stories and share their perspectives through media production. 'Ōlelo offers a wide range of services to the community, including media training, equipment rental, studio facilities, and cablecast distribution. By providing these resources, 'Ōlelo seeks to promote local voices and perspectives that are often underrepresented in traditional media.

Collaborating with 'Ōlelo was both rewarding and inspiring. Developing their mobile app allowed us to contribute to their mission of empowering individuals through media literacy and community engagement. We're honored to support 'Ōlelo in their efforts to enrich the lives of people in Hawaii.

App Features

The 'Ōlelo app offers several features to its users. One of the features is the 'Ōlelo On Demand, which allows users to stream any of the organization's four channels in real time or access their online video archives to watch local Hawaiian programs at their convenience. Users can also receive push notifications for live programming such as legislative hearings, city council meetings, concerts, and conferences. Another feature is the Live Traffic, which enables users to stream the City and County of Honolulu's traffic cam feeds in real time. 'Ōlelo also has an online journal of events happening within the organization called NEWS. Users can browse 'Ōlelo's TV listings using the Schedule feature. Additionally, clients of 'Ōlelo can access a client resource tool powered by Media Center Manager (MCM) to create their own 'Ōlelo projects, manage equipment/studio reservations, and sign up for training. Overall, the 'Ōlelo app provides several useful features to its users for accessing local Hawaiian programs and resources.

'Ōlelo's "Home" page includes:

  • Featured Content
  • Live Traffic updates
  • 'Ōlelo Channels
    • 49: Live coverage, Neighborhood Board Meetings and other State Agency Programming.
    • 53: Community programming such as arts, entertainment, sports & culture.
    • 54: City Councel meetings & City and Council events & issues.
    • 55: Inspirational programming.
  • 'Ōlelo broadcasting inHD on Hawaiin Telecom
    • 1049/1053/1054/1055/808
  • Online submissions for your 'Ōlelo programs!


Keep up to date with any recent 'Ōlelo news articles!


All 'Ōlelo channels and times for each day are listed under the "Schedule" page.


Video on demand allows you to watch any 'Ōlelo broadcasts that have already aired, by category.


Clients page powered by Media Center Manager, a simple one stop solution for public media centers!

The Midi-Chlori Don
The Midi-Chlori Don

Super impressed with thought put into this app and the execution. Surpasses apps of cable providers such as Spectrum. Well done!


Community access typically is the B-Rated movue of the network station world. Not so with this app! It has a clean look and the interface smartly has the most used functions easily accessible. Best part, the speed and sharpness of the live stream! Hawaii News Now and Netflix watch out! This app is crazy fast!


This app is great and so user friendly. So far there have been zero hiccups!

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Dalya Messenlehner