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Major Improvements to AppPresser Dashboard and Apps

This week we are releasing some major design and feature improvements to both the AppPresser app dashboard, and the apps themselves.

App Dashboard Improvements

The app dashboard received a major design overhaul, as well as some new features.

  • The app dashboard has a better layout and design
  • Some settings have moved from the app customizer to the dashboard
  • Better help links and a roadmap

App Improvements

The apps themselves also got a lot of design improvements, including blog posts, LearnDash courses, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress/Boss activity, messages, groups, and more. It’s mostly small design improvements, but they add up to a much more polished app overall.

New Features

Some new features were added:

  • Block settings: add featured image to single post page
  • BuddyPress/Boss blocks
  • More options for Menu Links block: change style, choose individual page links
  • New Auxiliary menu

The new Auxiliary menu allows you to add pages to your app that you don’t want to display in the tab menu or side menu. You can also create a list of links that will only display on a page, like this:

All of these improvements mean it’s easier than ever to build great apps with AppPresser. Start your free trial today.


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