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New WooCommerce App Features and Improvements

This month we’ve been working hard on WooCommerce app improvements, here’s what’s new.

New Product Filter

The new filter modal appears on your shop page, and allows app users to filter based on product attributes and categories.

The filter pulls in all product attributes, such as size, color, gender, etc. It also includes all parent categories. This filter modal replaces the category select menu that used to appear on the shop page.

All apps will automatically be updated with this new filter when they are rebuilt. Make sure you update to AppCommerce 2.2.0 or later if necessary.

Attribute Swatches

If you use a plugin to add attribute swatches, you can make the color or image appear in the filter modal.

To do this, you need to add this example code to a custom plugin. The example code is for the Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin, if you are using a different plugin you may need to modify the code as necessary.

Sort By

Also included in the filter modal is the ability to sort products. You can sort by price, popularity, and date.

Product Category Improvements

Many eCommerce apps have multiple categories with child categories. For example, Electronics => Computers => Laptops => Apple Laptops => Macbook.

The Amazon app is a good example:

AppPresser now supports this type of categorization automatically. All you need to do is add your main categories page, and AppPresser will automatically nest all of your other category pages. When the final category is reached, your products will be displayed, as expected.

Do this by adding the WooCommerce Categories block to a new page.

That’s it! All child categories will be handled automatically.

Product Reviews

You can now display product reviews on your single product pages, and allow customers to add new reviews.

To enable reviews, check “Show Reviews” on your WooCommerce Product block:

Product reviews require AppCommerce 2.2.1 or later.

Variable Product Improvements

Another update that went out this week was a big improvement to handling of variable products. Now choosing different attributes to find a variation is a better experience for your app users.

AppCommerce 2.2.1 Released

Please update to AppCommerce 2.2.1 in your WordPress admin, and rebuild your app to get these new features.

Other Updates

In other news, BuddyPress messaging got a UI update. The select menu is now a search bar, making finding friends a lot easier.

Along with these updates, we’ve been squashing bugs and helping in support. Look for more updates soon.


  1. Arijit Singh on March 9, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    You are doing great work for wordpress. I’ll try to make my own app with WooCommerce features in future.

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