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Custom App Spotlight: All the World – Better Learning

All the World is a weekly educational show featuring live-action videos for children, think “Mr. Rogers meets NatGeo”. Our Custom App Development Team developed the All The World mobile app which is available in the App Stores for download on iOS and Android Devices.

This iOS and Android app features a weekly educational show with live-action videos for children 4-10 years old in multiple languages! Playfully led by hosts, the show explains how the world works and explores topics in science, nature, arts, crafting, communication and invention.
Some custom developed features of this mobile app project include:
  • A 14 day free trial for new users.
  • Subscriptions available through the App Store or Google Play with in-app purchase.
  • Multilingual content and videos available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Quick and easy to use global search.
  • Built in child locking capabilities.
  • The ability for children to submit their ideas for new videos, their drawings, art etc.

Featured in the Apple App Store

This app was featured several times in the United States Apple App Store under "Made for Kids", "At Home With the Kids", and "Apps We Love Right Now". It is also featured daily in the Apple App Stores of many other countries.

Custom Mobile App Development

ATW Start page

ATW Navigation

ATW Search Topics

The Videos

Videos stored on a CDN for fast and easy retrieval.

ATW language

Content and resources in the mobile app is available in multiple languages.


Free Trial, Monthly, and Yearly Subscriptions available with In-app purchases through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Custom Child Lock Capabilities

Custom "Child Lock" utility to block children from child locked pages.

Video Submissions

Meet the Team

Customized app pages built from client's specifications.

App User Testimonials

Fabulous App for Learning
Fabulous App for Learning

This is precisely the app I’ve been searching for! All The World is a brilliant learning resource, with a steady stream of unique videos that succeed in teaching kids all about the world. Not only are the videos entertaining, but they’re also challenging, and they provide kids with actual real-life skills. I highly recommend this app for any parent who’s looking for grounded and practical educational entertainment. This one really stands out from the pack! A+

Awesome App!!!
Awesome App!!!

Definitely the best educational app I’ve found for kids of all ages. Each episode presents a new adventure with one of the hosts, that will keep you coming back for more. These videos keep your child learning, exploring, and growing. And I think we can all learn from these video’s, even as adults. A+ app! Would 100% recommend.

Highly recommended
Highly recommended

My 5 year old daughter and I watched all the shows together. I think we enjoyed them equally as much. They are simple but engaging and share a lot of interesting facts that are right in front of us, but we’ve never thought to ask about. Besides being educational, they include creative projects that kids can quite easily do at home. My daughter always feels inspired to make things after watching, quite opposite to the way she feels after watching a few cartoons.

And lastly, we’re always excited to see the newly released episode each week!

Love this, for my kid and for myself!
Love this, for my kid and for myself!

This app is wonderful. I’ve loved exploring the app with my daughter. We’ve learned so much together and it’s sparked both of our curiosity to try new things. Unlike most kids apps, I actually enjoy watching the videos alongside her because of the beautiful art direction. I wish more kid-focused apps were as great as this one!

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