New: Media Playlists With Downloads

We get a lot of requests for downloading media to the device, now it’s available!

Create playlists for your music, videos, or podcasts. Your app users can play the media in their app, and download for use offline* (Downloads not available in the starter plan).

The new media list page uses the WP-API to pull in your playlist, using any type of post from your WordPress site. Just add the media url to the AppPresser media url meta box and then create the media downloads page in your app.

Some setup is required, view the full setup instructions here.

Downloads using WordPress iframe pages is not available, but may be in the future.

How it Works

The media list displays a list of your posts through the WP-API, similar to a normal post list. When the app user clicks the post, it opens the media player to play your video or audio file. If they click the download icon, it will download the file to their device to it can be viewed offline.

You use any WP-API route, such as, but only posts that have a media url in the post meta will show up in the app. To add the media url, update to the latest version of the AppPresser plugin, and set it up as described in our documentation.

Other Updates This Month

Released Mar 19, 2018

AppPresser 3.4.0

* Add support for file downloads
* Additional support for custom post types
* Add filter hook for login details
* Fix app theme related bugs
* Fix EDD naming conflict

AppCamera 2.6.1

* Add a json message to tell the app when the image was uploaded

Ap3 Ion Theme 1.3.0

* Support AppGeo anonymous checkin option
* Use either synchronous or asynchronous api calls based on PHP server configs
* Fix issue with buddypress ajax friend link
* Fix data type error on postMessages

AppPush 3.3.1

* Minor bug fix to catch an unset variable

AppGeo 3.1.1

* Add anonymous checkin option
* Trigger appgeo-checkin event
* Always force login on geotracking
* Fix geotrack boolean test and prompt timeout

AppFBConnect 2.6.1

* Add appfbconnect_redirect hook returns title/url array

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