You can also install this plugin by going to Plugins -> Add New in your WordPress admin area.

AppPresser allows you to use a WordPress site as an app, including access to device features such as the camera, contacts, and more. You can create your app using WordPress themes, plugins, and all the stuff you already know along with our custom app building tool that uses the WordPress customizer, which you’re already familiar with.

Developers can use this plugin to make custom apps, or custom extensions for AppPresser. If you are not a developer, please see our website for more information about creating an app with WordPress.

This plugin is not an app-creator in itself, it serves as the core for all app development with AppPresser.

You can purchase our theme and extensions to help create your app.

Want to contribute to AppPresser? Awesome! Visit our GitHub site for the project.

What this plugin does:

  • Integrates Phonegap with WordPress, which exposes the Phonegap API
  • Allows you to use javascript (using the Phonegap API) to use native device features
  • Allows you to use other AppPresser plugins and themes to create an app
  • Adds a settings page with app-only homepage, menus, and theme settings

What this plugin DOES NOT do:

  • It does not automatically create an app for you, or give you a WYSIWYG app creator
  • It does not change your site aesthetically
  • It does not allow you to test any app features in the browser, (you need Xcode or Eclipse for that)
  • It does not build the app for you

How do I use it?

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Add AppPresser themes or extensions to create your app
  • Review our documentation to get started
  • Build your app with our My AppPresser dashboard.
  • Customize it by adding Phonegap plugins
  • Test your with our free AppPresser 3 Previewer app. Download it from the app stores.
  • Distribute to the iOS/Android app stores

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