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Webinar: Getting to Know AppPresser 3

A couple months back, we hosted a webinar where we showed off a pre-release version of AppPresser 3. We got some great feedback from it and are working to incorporate several of the suggestions that came from the attendees.

With the release of AppPresser 3 a few weeks ago, it was time to do another webinar, show off some features and answer more questions! You can watch the full webinar below.

We weren’t able to get to all the questions posted in the live chat, so we’ve compiled them here. If you have any additional questions, please post them in the comments below. And, if you’d like to be notified of future webinars, sign up for our mailing list.

Questions from the Chat

When will the Preview App be released?

It’s released!

How about discussing what’s involved in converting a AppPresser 2 app to ver. 3?

Check out this article.

I saw your post on adding playing in background audio accross pages. How do allow audio play when the entire app is sent to background or screnn locked.

Do you have the google analytics integration?

Not yet, but we hope to have something for you in the next few months.

Am I correct in assuming that I need to be on a Mac in order to run this for IOS apps?

You need a Mac to generate iOS certificates, alternatively you can pay us to submit your app.

So links can now be non-SSL and show up in myapppresser?

Non ssl links work in your app, just not in the browser preview. (This is due to browser security rules, not AppPresser code.) Learn more.

Is there a Trello roadmap of new features?

Unfortunately no, but we are happy to take requests or update you through support.

What about using system browser for external links?

This is possible by adding a class of “system” to your link.


If we use the custom theme, does AppPresser also support that?

You can use a child theme of the AP3 Ion Theme, and customize as much as you like. We do not support custom themes.

Can we have different layout on the homepage

Definitely! You can change the homepage to anything you like using a WordPress page or custom HTML.


What are the limitations on javascript? We use custom javascript all over the place
can we use javascript in the custom pages?

You can use custom Javascript on your WordPress pages, but we do not support it in custom HTML pages for security reasons.


About the Woocommerce extension: will those works fine if we have them installed on the website?

Most Woocommerce extensions should work in the app, if you have questions about a specific one please email us.

Multilingual support

Did you integrate multi language support? So that the users can change between different languages?

You can translate your WordPress pages using a plugin or child theme, the same way as your website. We are working on translation of app menus and RTL support.

API List Pages

How do I customize API List pages?

You can use a custom WP-API route, use custom parameters like category, add custom data using template hooks, change the display with custom CSS, and more.

It’s all covered in our documentation.

Custom Pages

Can you go over adding a custom image to a page and what the relative URL structure needs to be for adding to a custom page?

You can add normal image urls, the same way you would on your website.

If you have an Agency plan, you can add media to your app that can be used offline. Upload your zipped assets in the customizer settings, then the url structure is “assets/my-image.jpg”. If you used a folder, it would be “assets/my-folder/my-image.jpg”.

What’s the best way to handle videos and audio on an api page?

You can upload videos and audio files using the offline assets, then use them in our media player. Just keep in mind that you want to keep your app size as small as possible, so I wouldn’t recommend more than a few media files. Your app can also be rejected from the app stores if it is too large.

Push Notifications

When are you introducing Segmented push notifications in Apppresser3?

No date yet, but it’s on our todo list.

Is there a way to change the icon that’s displayed on the notification bar with push notifications?

Your app icon is displayed, so you can change your app icon if you like in the app customizer settings.

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  1. Chris on February 11, 2017 at 1:41 am

    Are we going to be able to at any time preview an app that is not https? Can we preview it now with the companion app?

  2. Scott Bolinger on March 13, 2017 at 8:23 am

    Hi, yes we have an integration with WPML, shoot us an email for more details https://apppresser.com/contact

  3. Daniel on March 26, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    My client hired me to develop out a new Aapppresser v3 mobile app and have several items seeking to do but found functionality lacking for javascript support like prior v2 is:

    1) Related posts, with Rest API below post content, but discovered that we are no able to get them to link.

    2) Category List, with Rest API, shows all parent categories ordered by date from recent posts, when clicking open to show all posts then allow individual post view.

    We have created custom endpoints to with proper Rest API structure for formatting
    Secondly designed response modifications for all posts & pages to output appropriate Apppresser structure found in developer documentation.

    How can we go about getting these items to work?

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