AppPresser Updates 8/17

Here at AppPresser, we are always working hard behind the scenes to make our products better.

Sometimes that means doing a lot of bug fixes and small enhancements that don’t warrant a public announcement, other times we release big features.

Here’s what’s new.

Make your app faster with production builds

If you want your app to load faster, you can now request a production build. It will make your Android app load 2-3X faster, and increase performance on iOS as well.

This is a manual process, and you can only do it once per app. Only request a production build when your app is fully tested and ready for the app stores. Find out more here.

Enhanced WordPress to App Linking

A lot of people have requested to change pages in your app by putting a link in a WordPress page. For example, open your app homepage from a link you added to a WordPress post.

This is now possible! Learn more here.

Custom Pages

We are putting the finishing touches on some pre-made custom page templates for the builder. That will help you create great custom pages faster.

You can now add translatable text in your custom pages. The syntax looks like this:

{{ 'Settings' | translate }}

Learn more here.

Other Updates

We are putting the finishing touches on a new preview app that will be easier to update with new features in the future. Look for that soon.

As always we’ve pushed tons of bug fixes and small enhancements to most of our plugins and our build platform, but we won’t bore you by listing those here. All plugins have a change log if you’re interested.

More new stuff is always in the works, cheers!

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Scott Bolinger