New This Month: Adding Developer and Client Access to Your Apps & More

This month we released some much anticipated features and updates.

Add Users

Agency Plus plans now have the ability to add unlimited developers and clients to their accounts. These users can have limited access.

For example, add a developer that has full access to all apps, or a client that only has access to one app. When they login, they will only see what you have prescribed for them to see.

This feature is great for anyone who has multiple person teams, or is building apps for clients. Now you can give your developers or clients a login that only shows them the apps you want them to see.

This feature is only on Agency Plus plans, learn how it works in our documentation.

iPhone X and iOS11 Updates

AppPresser build files have been updated to the latest version of Cordova on PhoneGap Build, which means full iOS11 and iPhone X support.

We’ve also changed the way splashscreens work to support the new iOS storyboard images. We are using one universally sized image to generate all splash screens for any new apps. That means you make one big image (2732px by 2732px) and we generate all the image sizes you need.

This image will be cropped, so make sure any logo or critical text is small in the center. Download a sample image here.

To get these updates, you will need to add a universal splash screen and rebuild your app. If your app is already in the app store, you will need to resubmit it after rebuilding.

Other Updates

AppWoo 3.0.2
Released Jan 2, 2018

  • Remove version 1 conflict with 3rd-party payment opt
  • Fix updating variation gallery images
  • Add submit listener only once
  • Fix deprecated WC_Cart::get_cart_url() warning.

AP3 Ion Theme 1.2.7
Released Nov 27, 2017

  • Add appp parameter to mobile search
  • Fix: infinite posts, additional posts use child theme template if they exist
  • Fix: infinite posts, only display “Loading…” when there are more posts to load
  • Fix: make app ignore links in WordPress pages which contain href=”javascript:”

AppPush 3.3.0
Released Nov 27, 2017

  • Extend CURL timeout when contacting API
  • Remove line breaks in content of push notifications which breaks API calls
  • Add API Response metabox
  • Minor bug fixes

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