Introduction to how AppPresser works

We get lots of questions like:

“Can I use a custom theme/plugin in my app?”

“What types of apps can I make?”

“How hard is it to customize?”

This video is a quick introduction to how AppPresser works, so you can see first hand what it looks like to build an app. We’d recommend everyone watch this video before purchasing.


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8 thoughts on “Introduction to how AppPresser works

  1. Since custom theme is not a good idea. Can I use the AppTheme for the sliding menu and all but customize it with the functions and the page templates I built ? I have lots of url parameters and all that. Without it my site cannot work. Thank you for your response!

    1. I’m interested in this functionality as well. I have a directory theme currently that I’d like turned into an app, but not sure if AppPresser would accommodate it…

  2. Hello,
    I have a theme with a lot of custom parameter to handle a rental booking almost same as With multiple rental operator where they can list thier rental. Can Appresser works? Does it works as a webview or theme compiled in the apps?


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