Introducing Reactor

Reactor is no longer available, but you can get all the same features (and more) with AppPresser 3.

Reactor is a re-imagining of the app building process. With a specific focus on integrating WordPress content, Reactor allows you to build higher quality mobile apps more easily. Sign up for more info at

What is Reactor?

When we created AppPresser, it had a great response right away. We knew that with almost 25% of the internet using WordPress, some of those businesses would want mobile apps.

AppPresser allowed them to essentially put their website into an app, and access native device features. It was a breakthrough technology.

After getting feedback for almost a year, we realized our customers wanted more from AppPresser. They were asking for better performance, offline capabilities, and more native features.

Around the same time, a couple of fortuitous things happened outside of AppPresser. The Ionic framework came on the scene, and set a new bar for hybrid app performance and quality. Utilizing angularjs, they rebuilt a new experience from the ground up, and it blew us away.

Later in the year, the WP API released a stable version 1, which signified a huge leap forward for using WordPress as an application framework.

We started experimenting with these 2 technologies, and built some custom apps with them. The result was so incredible that we instantly knew we had to build the next generation of AppPresser products using them. These technologies would allow us to give our customers what they had been asking for, and much more beyond that.

We realized we had to recreate the mobile app building process from the ground up to give our customers what they were asking for.

The result of that effort is Reactor.

A whole new app building experience


With Reactor, we re-imagined the customer experience of building an app. We were making people download and install our plugins, configure them, then go to Phonegap Build to compile their app, a 3rd party service for push notifications, and then finally to the app store to submit their app.

It would be much less of a hassle (and less expensive) if everything was in one place.


We also realized that WordPress out of the box is great for creating websites, but it can be confusing when you are trying to create a mobile app and a website from the same interface.

Reactor puts all the 3rd party services under one roof, along with a brand new user interface you’re going to love. Creating a mobile app that integrates with your WordPress site has never been easier.

What makes Reactor incredible

The main focus of Reactor is to help you make incredible apps. The rest is just icing on the cake.

Reactor apps are special because they look amazing and perform even better. We are confident that you will be blown away by the apps you create with Reactor, we can’t wait for you to try it out.

Update: Reactor is open!

Start your free trial today at

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19 thoughts on “Introducing Reactor

  1. I just bought AppPresser and haven’t got very far with it. I am hoping that Reactor if available to new Agency members that are struggling.

  2. So, is Reactor like Apppresser 2.0? Meaning, if we haven’t bought Apppresser yet, it would be better to wait for Reactor? Does it do the same thing or is it complimentary to Apppresser?

    Excited to hear more.

  3. Well we already have paid for full agency bundle for apppresser which costed us 500$ :(, but we have used it yet and we look forward for using Reactor since as described it is much out of the box to build and integrate the different element. We do hope that we wont be charged any additional fees.

    Thank you

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