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Automated App Store Submissions with AppPresser 4

One of the biggest updates we made with AppPresser 4 was the backend app building.

We moved away from PhoneGap Build to a more modern CI/CD system that allows for automated app store resubmissions. This is huge because app store submission is one of the hardest parts about building apps, especially for iOS.

This move allows us to do a few things better:

  1. Get rid of some legacy code that slowed the apps down
  2. Keep everything up to date easier
  3. Automate app store resubmission (send .ipa and .apk files to the app stores automatically)
  4. Allow for easier custom development

Removing Legacy Code

One of the ways we allowed for custom pages in AppPresser 3 used some code that slowed the apps down. We bypassed this by allowing for "production builds" which sped them back up, but not everyone knew about this feature.

Our new system has faster builds by default, and removing the legacy code puts us on better footing for future feature development.

Get Up To Date

We needed to get on the latest versions of all of our frameworks, including Ionic, Cordova, and all the dependencies for custom features and plugins. Now that we are on the latest versions of everything, it helps us stay that way into the future.

Automated App Store Resubmission

Our new CI/CD system allows us to run a native app build and submit the .ipa and .apk file to the app stores automatically.

That means that AppPresser 4 customers will be able to resubmit app updates easier than ever before.

There is still quite a bit of initial setup, like creating the app store listings, certificates, screenshots, API keys, etc.  That means there is still a cost associated with setup on our end, but once it's setup, you can bump the version and resubmit with the click of a button.

Easier Custom Development

One of our plans with AppPresser 4 is to build custom features for our customers upon request.

Many of our customers are able to build great apps with AppPresser, but they want one or two features built custom. Our new system has better git integration for each app's source code, which makes it easier for us to do this type of development.

Overall, this new system helps our customers create better apps, and it helps us provide better support.


  1. Dale Reardon on February 24, 2020 at 7:17 pm

    You use the phrase automatic resubmission but don’t really explain the very first submission of a new app.
    You talk about quite a bit of setup on your end but can we just pay you a setup fee and then be able to automatically submit our app for both the initial submission and resubmissions?

    • Scott Bolinger on February 25, 2020 at 7:59 am

      Hi Dale, good question. Yes, you pay a setup fee and then the resubmissions are free. The app must be submitted manually the first time, to setup the app store listings, but resubmissions can be automated.

  2. Pastor Dr. Ramez Refaat Kamel Ghabbour on February 25, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    Wow perfect

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