AppPresser Updates 9/17

As usual, we are working hard behind the scenes working to support our customers, enhance our product, and squash bugs. Last month we released a lot of great stuff, and this month we have a couple great new features for you.

Sub Menus

Our customers have been asking for submenus, they are finally here!

Clean up those unwieldy menu links by grouping them together into dropdowns.

Add as many submenus as you like to make your app menus more desirable. Combine them with nav dividers to make your app menus look custom and professional.

Learn how to use them.

Custom Page Templates

AppPresser has allowed you to create custom app pages with special functionality like offline media, cards, links, maps, and more. Now you can choose a starter template to help you build your pages.

Custom Page Template Gif

When you add a new custom page, preview a template and then click it to edit. Customize the code to your liking and save, then add the page to your app.

This is a powerful feature that will allow you to create more custom apps than ever before.

Update to Ionic 3.6

To keep your apps up to date with the latest performance updates and code stability, we have updated your build files to Ionic 3.6.

This is mainly performance and bug fixes, and to make sure we keep up with the fast pace of development from the Ionic Team.

We listen to feedback from our customers, and we are working on more features and updates that are coming soon.


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Scott Bolinger