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Updates to all AppPresser products, March 2015

All extensions, core plugin, Phonegap project files, and theme have been updated. Before you update, please read below.

What’s new? Mostly bug fixes and compatibility updates, we squashed so many bugs we lost count in this release.

Support for iPhone 6, new Phonegap versions

The new Phonegap Project files include support for Phonegap 3.6.3 and splash screens for iPhone 6. Phonegap 3.6.3 has a lot of bug fixes, and support for new technology such as 64 bit iOS apps. You can download these files on your account page. (Using these new project files requires rebuilding and resubmitting your app)

New Phonegap version switcher

Your AppPresser settings page now allows you to choose which Phonegap version you are using. Please make sure this number matches the Phonegap version in your app config.xml file. (It’s 3.5 if you have an older app)

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.27.34 AM

Apps may require update to Phonegap 3.6.3

If you update our plugins and some functionality is still broken, it may be a result of your app’s Phonegap version.

Some functionality such as Android camera uploads were broken in Phonegap 3.5, so you have to update to our new Phonegap project files, and rebuild/resubmit your app. (Note: if your app is working fine, you don’t need to do this) You can download these files on your account page.

Coming soon

New extensions are coming soon, keep an eye out.

If you have any issues with updates please post in the appropriate product support forum.


Scott Bolinger