How to Find and Share Your Company’s Story

I was sitting around with my friends the other day, having dinner and drinks. As we were sitting there, I realized that almost all of the conversation was storytelling. It surprised me when I thought about it; it’s not like we were reciting novels, but sharing anecdotes about recent events in our lives. I would tell a story about a funny situation that happened to me, and someone would jump in with a similar funny story.

Next time you are sitting around chatting with people, keep track of how many stories are told. It’s just human nature to tell stories; we connect with them on a deeper level than abstract thoughts.

We do this so naturally when amongst friends, but when we get into “business mode,” we write asinine jibberish like this:

We provide strategic solutions to help you engage your customers

Leading synergistic software to empower your communications

Dynamic connectivity in a globalized world

Why do we get all stiff and boring when talking about business? Stiff and boring will lose your customers’ attention, and fails to build trust.

We should be telling stories.

Your business has a great story about how it started, who you are helping, and why. I bet if we had a beer together it would flow out of you completely naturally. If I went to your website, would I get the same story?

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