The World’s First iOS App Built On WordPress With AppPresser

Hey, we have made a lot of improvements since this app came out, check out our newest WooCommerce stuff here.

We’re pretty thrilled with how AppPresser has been received since we officially launched it on January 7th. Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from users and the ideas for future development have been pouring in from the community and from our users. We want you to know that we are listening to every single idea that comes through as we consider our roadmap for the near future!

Along with those requests, we’ve heard requests for an example of an app built with WordPress + AppPresser, and that is what I would like to show you today. During our Beta period, we worked with a client to build an ECommerce app that compliments their main sales web site. House of Ragz already had a great WordPress powered web site, using WooCommerce to run the ECommerce and sales aspect of the site. To note, House of Ragz is an innovative women’s online fashion retail store.
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