Creating Blog Content: Tips for Getting Inspired

There’s nothing worse than clicking, “Add New Post,” and staring down that blinking cursor on a blank background, saying to yourself, “Oh crap. What the heck am I gonna write about?” One of the places people tend to get stuck when it comes to creating blog content is the very first step: What do I even put here? 

I don’t know how many times I’ve had a conversation with someone about how stymied they are regarding the kind of content they should put on their company blogs; they love what other people are doing, but are completely stuck when it comes to their own. Who is going to find their thoughts interesting anyway? Hasn’t everything been done already?

Well, maybe everything has been done, but has it been done with your particular flavor, geared toward your unique audience? Probably not. Just like when you are telling your company’s story, where you come from and your goals, perspective, and experience add a personal twist that is all your own.

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