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Creating Blog Content: Tips for Getting Inspired

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There’s nothing worse than clicking, “Add New Post,” and staring down that blinking cursor on a blank background, saying to yourself, “Oh crap. What the heck am I gonna write about?” One of the places people tend to get stuck when it comes to creating blog content is the very first step: What do I even put…

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7 Product Business Fails and How to Avoid Them

I’ve been selling products online for over five years now, and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. Product businesses have unique challenges, and if you aren’t aware of them it can hurt you as your business grows. Whether you are selling products now, or interested in what it’s like, I’m going to share some…

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How to Find and Share Your Company’s Story

I was sitting around with my friends the other day, having dinner and drinks. As we were sitting there, I realized that almost all of the conversation was storytelling. It surprised me when I thought about it; it’s not like we were reciting novels, but sharing anecdotes about recent events in our lives. I would tell a story about a…

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