Custom App Spotlight: Vinitial

The AppPresser team develops custom apps for clients who need great performance and custom features. Custom apps go beyond the current capabilities of AppPresser products, Learn more here.

Let’s say you play soccer on the weekends, and last Sunday you tweaked your back for the 3rd time. You visit your physical therapist to get checked out, because you figure you need more than ice and advil this time.

He fixes you up, scolds you for slide tackling at your age, and sends you on your way with a list of exercises.

You wake up the next day and start on your prescribed workout, and all of a sudden get a shooting pain up your spine. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just text your doctor and get an immediate response, instead of scheduling another appointment and waiting in pain for 2 days?

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Add push notifications to your BuddyPress mobile app

BuddyPress push notificationsNew updates to AppBuddy allow push notifications when someone mentions you, messages you, or sends you a friend request.

The fully featured BuddyPress notification system is similar to Facebook or Twitter, and now with push notifications it can be used in your mobile app.

You can test this feature by downloading the PressChat mobile app, or purchase AppBuddy and make your own social networking app with WordPress.

Existing customers can simply auto-update AppBuddy and AppPush to begin using this great new feature.

The WP Armchair mobile app, powered by AppPresser and BuddyPress

This app has been discontinued, please check out PressChat for an example of a BuddyPress mobile app

View PressChat

We are excited to announce a new mobile app for WordCamp attendees, called WP Armchair!

If you are attending a WordCamp, register for free and post images and activity throughout the event. Make friends with other people, private message, and more, similar to Twitter or Facebook.

The WP Armchair app uses the AppBuddy extension for AppPresser. Turn any BuddyPress website into a social networking app!

Download WP Armchair by searching the iOS or Android app stores for “wparmchair”, or use the links below.

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