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New! Podcasting and Media Player Improvements

This month we made some big improvements to our media and podcasting features.

Speed and Looping

Now you can listen to podcasts (or any audio) faster or slower with our new speed adjustments. With the click of a button, listen at 1.5x, 2x, or .5x.

The new loop button allows you to loop a single track infinitely. We also snuck in some small UX tweaks, like combining the play/pause button, and hiding the back/forward buttons when appropriate.

New Podcast/Media Features

Some of our customers have asked for better podcast handling, and it’s finally here.

There’s a few new additions, the first is a better list view for your media or podcasts. This can be a list of videos, podcasts, audio, or media of any type.

Your media list will now show if the content has been played.

There is also a new detail view that shows the show notes, along with a play and download button.

This new single media view makes it easier for your listeners to get more details about each media item or podcast, and easily play or download.

Use it today in your AppPresser apps by adding an ap-list component with media=”true” in a custom page.

<ap-list media="true" route="https://mysite.com/wp-json/wp/v2/podcasts"></ap-list>

See the documentation for more information.

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Scott Bolinger