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July Product Updates

This month we’ve been working hard fixing bugs and helping customers. Here are some of the recent product updates we’ve released.

New HTML Validator

One issue that was coming up a lot was broken builds due to invalid custom HTML. For example, if you forgot a closing tag or added an extra double quote, your app build would fail.

Now when you create your custom HTML, you can see the errors highlighted, and fix them before saving. This helps decrease frustrating build failures.

Better Build Errors

See what went wrong in your build so you can fix it quickly.

When building your app for a device, there are a lot of things happening. Javascript, HTML, and CSS is compiled, images are generated, native plugins are added, and the app is signed. A lot can go wrong, and sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what you need to do to fix it.

We are now parsing your build error log to find the specific thing wrong, and showing it in your build logs. Scan the log for the problem, fix it, and rebuild.

In the last 30 days…

  • We replied to 1,721 support emails
  • Work progressed on 2 big new features that we will announce soon
  • We committed over 50 bug fixes and updates
  • We made several updates and improvements to our documentation
  • We released AppPush 4.1.0, AppCommerce 2.1.1, and In App Purchases 2.0.2

That’s it for now, more good stuff coming your way soon!

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